In order to create efficient products, designers and engineers at Bloomberg need to understand its users. User profiles are a powerful tool to help build empathy.

The main goal was to design a visual storyboard that is based on Terminal users for engineers, designers, and business at Bloomberg to understand the values and goals of those particular users. Each user profile contains an overview data collection that touches on the user's job description, segmentation, goals, values, and a "Day in the Life" storyboard.

Who is it for?

Designers in the UX Department - Designers are constantly creating designs for users and it would help them understand who we are designing for in order to help guide certain decisions.
Engineers - Designers can help bridge the gap between engineers and the user through empathy.
New Hires - There are new hires that join frequently and are not aware who the user is.

User Research Overview

As someone with no prior knowledge in the financial market, I had several avenues of information to dig from to familiarize myself with a variety of complex financial concepts. I collaborated with key stakeholders within the UX Department to help guide me to understand the roles I had to research for each user profile in which I conducted several user interviews. I also studied internal data user workflows, completed the online course Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC), and used to fill in any missing gaps of my financial knowdledge.

Visual Design Approach

During my time at Bloomberg there were no illustration guidelines that would determine my design approach. Therefore, I presented a few visual illustation options that would take a large part for the user profiles. The challenge was to adhere to Bloomberg's main brand guidelines with my illustration. In the end, I designed these visual storyboards to communicate a smart, open, and dynamic look and feel. These dynamic illustrations represent a motivating way of moving forward by making a bold statement without being arrogant.

Sketches/Design Exploration

Final Design